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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?

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Our company mainly deals with hydrogen (HHO) systems which reduce exhaust fumes and fuel consumption of petrol, diesel oil, LPG and CNG vehicles.

We are not indifferent to environment and city smog becoming a part of our lives. Prices of fuel are rising constantly and this situation will only be getting worse. That is why our company has been dealing with alternative engines which can noticeably protect environment and your finances. Using our HHO system can reduce fuel consumption up to 40%.

SSpower HHO systems are professional facilities which produce hydrogen from water only on the engine running without any need to store the oxygen. That is why there is no need to deal with storage security and the technology is available for everyone. Water lyses into two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. This product is internationally known as HHO or the Brown´s gas.

The details of this technology origination and history are described in our menu in the section History and theory of HHO.

Our HHO systems add produced oxygen and hydrogen directly to the engine. This enables more effective combustion of fossil fuels , radical reduction of exhaust fumes and fuel consumption in classic combustion engines. Combustion of hydrogen even helps cleansing of the engine from sediments, reduction or absolute elimination of smoke and to better state, higher performance and longer lifespan of the engine.

For more detailed information with the topic and functioning of the HHO systems please do not hesitate to check the section How it works in our menu and the Frequently asked questions as well.

Qualitative change of water to hydrogen and oxygen and fusion of gas mixture with common fuel makes our hydrogen generators exploit  fuel in your engine better. They also contribute to its more economic performance and economy of used fossil fuels in the range of 10 to 30, in some cases even up to 40 %.

Except high effectiveness of the HHO systems and their considerably higher safety compared to LPG or CNG (HHO gas is not stored in any pressure container) the advantage of the HHO systems is also their fast and simple assembling and putting into operation and the last but not least their incomparably lower price.

Our HHO generators from Hornet series make can be used in connection with any combustion or compression ignition engine in any type of vehicle  - cars including diesel engines, lorries, tractors, ships or in stationary engines like electrocentrals or water pumps.

Whole offer includes more kinds of HHO generators and HHO sets, divided into categories according to their size and performance from the weaker ones  designated for cars with lower volume of engines up to more powerful ones with higher production of hydrogen (HHO gas), designated for larger lorries , trucks and high capacity electrocentral connections.

Wide range of our complementary devices for your HHO system to these products can be found in our sections HHO accessories or HHO parts.

The section Operation and maintenance offers useful advice and tips for choice of the right HHO system, its complementary devices , detailed information and instructions for their operation and maintenance, connection schemes, schemes of the HHO system itself as well as its electricity connection systems.

Except their usage in combustion engines the HHO systems also have much wider possibilities of energy saving , for example their usage for flame welding, heating by HHO heating facilities or cooking using hydrogren.  This alternative usage of HHO technologies and products can be found in our section Other HHO products.


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