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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?

Principle of HHO

The HHO generator is powered by electricity from the vehicle battery. The HHO generator then produces oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis of water and these are then fed into the engine's intake manifold just behind the air filter. Hydrogen and oxygen are extremely flammable and significantly aid combustion. They mix with the intake air in the engine and the mixture catches much faster in the combustion chamber upon ignition than without HHO, considerably improving combustion efficiency.

HHO explodes when its temperature reaches the point of self-ignition. With a concentrated mixture at atmospheric pressure, self-ignition occurs at 570°C. The minimum ignition energy of this mixture using a spark-plug is approximately 0.02 milijoules. After ignition the mixture of gases is converted into water vapour and produces 241.8 kJ of energy for each mole of HH2burnt. The quantity of thermal energy does not depend on the type of combustion - the flame temperature is variable. The maximum temperature attainable is 2760°C with a pure mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. .

HHO therefore helps to ensure much more efficient combustion of fossil fuel, uses far more energy, compresses the pistons with more force and thereby increases mileage on the same amount of fuel.

It makes vehicles part-hybrid, thanks to the use of water as fuel. The only emissions resulting from this hydrogen combustion system is steam, which is passed back into the atmosphere. Water is a free and inexhaustible source of energy and use thereof offers enormous potential.

The battery, the power source for our device, is recharged in the normal way by your car's alternator.

Advantages of using HHO

10 to 40% fuel savings

Increased engine power and torque

Reduction in harmful emissions

Increased octane rating

Engine cleared of deposits, prolonging the life of your vehicle

Reduced maintenance and repair costs

Increased speed and acceleration

Can be reinstalled in a different vehicle within 15 minutes

24-month guarantee

Full money-back guarantee for 30 days

Rapid return on investment



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