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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?

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What is an HHO system and how does it work?

Are you tired of spending so much money for fuel? Do you want to save up to 30% off the amount you pay each month for gasoline or diesel today? So stop paying so much for fuel and start driving with HHO. This section is focused on hydrogen (HHO) systems which markedly lower emissions and fuel consumption in cars powered by gasoline, diesel, LPG or CNG.

We are not overlooking the constantly worsening climate change and smog in cities, which became a normal part of our lives a long time ago. The prices of fuel as are getting more expensive continually as well and this situation will not get better in the future. That is the reason why our company has been focusing on alternative fuels for a number of years as these will help save our environment and, to a large extent, your wallet as well. With the use of our HHO systems it is possible to reduce the consumption of fuel, in some cases, by as much as 40%.

SSPOWER HHO systems are professional devices capable of producing hydrogen from water with just the engine running and without the need to store the hydrogen. This way the questions about the safety of storing the hydrogen are eliminated and the technology is becoming available to everyone. With this system the water is split into two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen ‐ Hydrogen and Oxygen. This product is internationally known as HHO or Brown's gas. Origin and history of this technology are described in detail in our menu in the section History and theory of HHO.

Our HHO systems add the created oxygen and hydrogen directly into the air intake of the engine. This leads to a more effective fossil fuel burning, drastically reduced emissions and significant reduction in fuel consumption in regular combustion engines. The burning of hydrogen cleans the engine of build up, lowers or even eliminates exhaust fumes and results in overall better condition, performance and longer longevity of the engine.

What happens in the car while using HHO system

1. Lowers the fuel consumption by as much as 30%. This includes both city and highway driving.
2. Increases performance by as much as 10%. After turning on the hydrogen feature (due to increase in octane level) during driving you will automatically feel an increase in performance of the engine.
3. Lowers CO2 emissions by as much as 80%. More effective burning of fossil fuel leads to not only cash savings but also helps the environment.
4. Lowers temperature of the engine. This leads to increase in longevity.
5. Removes carbon build up in the engine. Engine will rid itself of carbon build up and will not develop any new deposits.
6. Decreases engine noise and vibrations. During a ride with HHO you will immediately notice more efficient and quieter engine. All these aspects (apart from saving money on fuel) also add to additional savings in the form of lowering the costs due to increasing the time between oil changes, lowering maintenance costs and increasing life of the engine.

How HHO system works in a car

Regular combustion engine works on principle of increasing volume (expansion) of gas during the combustion (burning of fuel). To put it simply, inside normal combustion engine the fast up and down movement of the pistons generates energy for the motion of the automobile. As the piston is lowered it creates vacuum which sucks in the fuel along with air from the intake valve. When the piston is on its way up it presses the mixture of fuel and air creating so called compression. In a gasoline engine at this stage at the right moment this mixture gets ignited by the spark plug, in a diesel engine this is caused by the pressure. (Diesel engines have higher compression pressure, because they must ignite the fuel by actually compressing it). Anyhow, most engines will not ignite the mixture effectively, therefore the fuel inside the cylinders will not burn thoroughly. This inefficiency leads to increased consumption and creates pollutants. When gaseous hydrogen (HHO) mixes with fossil fuel (introduced into the engine through direct suction line) its properties (faster burn rate, higher octane level) cause the fuel inside the cylinders to ignite faster and burn more effectively, without emissions. This process adds more energy to the engine leading to longer running engine on the same volume of burned fuel as without the use of HHO (increased range of the automobile in the same volume of fuel therefore lowering consumption).

For more detailed introduction on issues around and functionality of HHO systems please do not forget to visit the section How does it works in our menu. For answers to the most important and interesting questions about this topic visit the section FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
By converting water into hydrogen and oxygen and adding this gas mixture into normal fuel, our hydrogen generators improve the use of fuel by your engine. This leads to more economical operation and savings of the used fossil fuel in the range of 10 ‐ 30 and in some cases up to 40%.

Advantage of the HHO systems, apart from their high efficiency and (compared to LPG or CNG) their significantly higher safety (HHO gas is not stored in pressurized containers), is without a doubt their quick and easy installation and maintenance. Another very important advantage is their incomparably (many times) lower price.

Another big advantage of HHO systems is also the fact that they are highly customizable (configured exactly to customer's specifications or based on the engine type). They are also convertible so they can be disassembled and (if desired) moved to another vehicle without any problems or interference to the engine.
Our HHO systems can also be used with any combustion or compression ignition engine in any type of vehicle: a car (including diesel engines), trucks, tractors, boats or stationary engines such as generators or irrigation pumps.
We are offering a number of HHO generators and HHO sets, split into categories according to their size and power output from weaker, meant for cars with smaller engines, to stronger with high production of hydrogen (HHO gas), meant for large transport trucks , towers and large capacity generators.
In sections HHO accessories and HHO parts you can find wide range of accessories for our products and a number of replacement parts and components for your HHO system.
In section Operation and maintenance you will find advice of how to choose a suitable HHO system, its accessories and detailed information and guide regarding its use and maintenance, set up, or information about the system itself and its electrical connections.

HHO and its wide application apart from combustion engines

HHO systems can be used, apart from their use in combustion engines, in a number of other energy saving applications such as in welding, heating with HHO elements or cooking with hydrogen.
Also there are HHO technologies used more and more in the automotive industry for cleaning (decarbonisation) of combustion engines, be it directly in automobiles or engine powered equipment like machinery or gasoline/diesel generators. All these products are further discussed in our Other HHO products section, which also describes alternative applications of HHO technologies.



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