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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?
Deca SS 3000Deca SS 7000

Deca SS 7000

Price per Unit (kus): 15 228,00 €

Contact us for more info and pricing:


price 12 690,00 € without VAT


Final price depends on configuration you choose!

We also offer several additional components whitch might be fitted in our devices. These are safety sensors, or components to increase usage comfort ike bigger touch display more sofisticated software etc.

Thats why you read carefully following options of our wide features offer possible to install to our decarbonisation devices.

Detailed information about the basic equipment of one of the model:

DECA SS 7000: Basic button, or 3 inches touchscreen version:

                       Technical description:

                       Power supply: 380V

      Gas production  - 4400LPH (liters per hour)


Height - 95cm

Width - 60cm

Depth - 50cm

Weight - 90kg

                       Device features:

                       Included in front control panel:

Start/Stop button

Digital Miltimeter: Voltage/V, Current/A, Power/W, Consumption/KWH, Running time

Analogue Gas pressure:MPa

Digital HHO cell Voltage

Digital electrolyte temperature

Digital timer

LED electrolyte level gauges

Emergency stop switch button

or all in touch screen if interest screen version (3 inches)

              Safety features included:

Bubbler - 0,5L

Basic price of DECA SS 7000/380V is 10490 euro without VAT. (Basic machine means button version of control panel or small 3 inches touch screen version).

For definitelly price of machine also we need to know what all accesories you want, because as we wrote above, our machines are highly variable. All accesories and options you can find below.

            Prices and all additional accesories and upgrades:

-5 inches touch screen version - additional payment - 190 euro

-7 inches touch screen version - additional payment - 290 euro

-Silicagel filter/Dryer - additional payment - 89 euro (possible in all versions)

-Vibration sensor - additional payment - 89 euro (only touch screen version)

-PWM - digital power regulation - additional payment - 105 euro ( included for FREE in touch screen versions)

-Gas leak sensor - additional payment- 89 euro (only touch screen version)

-Electrolyte leak sensor - additional payment - 89 euro (only touch screen version)

-Air cooling system - additional payment - 115 euro (possible in all versions)

-Digital pressure, gas flow, gas temperature and gas humidity - additional payment 390euro (only touch screen version)

-Water cooling system - additional payment 390 euro (possible in all versions, another extra payment is 290 euro for bigger dimension box so final extra payment is 680 euro)


                            Shippment methods:

We sending our products worldwide via TNT express courier (faster but more expensive delivery method), or Dachser courier (longer but cheaper shipping method).

           Also personal collection at our company base available.

Shipping in all models in European Union is about 150-180 euro (Dachser courier).

Rest Europe about 200 euro

Worldwide about 400 euro

Shipping can be defferent, we just need to know your post code in your country and city.

Also we need inform you about waiting time. In this moment is waiting time 2-4 weeks from order.

                  Warantee for the device is 2 years (for power cells 4 years).

The device comes with a complete operating instructions and certification (Declaration of Conformity).

If you want to order machine, just let us know what type and what accesories you prefer and we can give you proforma invoice with all details.

in case, you are not sure what model is suitable for you, do not be hasitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

        We will build a device for you, that matches your requirements.


                             Payment methods:

We accept classic bank transfer to our businnes bank account, or safety paypal payment. In case paypal payment we charge you another 5%, because paypal charge us. 

All prices are without VAT.

In case you are company and you have valid european VAT number (possible in European union only), you can buy machines without VAT anyway.



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TNT courier service
fast delivery worldwide !
FREE shipping for orders over 200€ - HHO hydrogene generators

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