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HHO generator Hornet - Twin 17000

Cena: 244,00 €

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17 plates HHO generator Hornet - Twin 17000 is designed for all types of internal combustion engines for diesel, petrol or LPG, with the engine capacity from 5000 up to 6500 cc. It is made from the finest materials, the electrodes are made of 1,5 mm thick laser-firing stainless steel (type 316L) and gaskets from high heat resistant special EPDM rubber.

Technical specifications:

- Generator type: dry cell

- Standard dimensions: 270 x 140 x 120 mm

- Weight: 7,6 Kg

- Number of electrodes: 17

- Total effective area for gas production: 7680 cm2

Electrical and power specifications:

- Input voltage: 12 / 24 V

- Electrodes sequence: + NNN - NNN + NNN - NNN + ( N is neutral electrode)

- Optimal operating current: 40 - 50 A

- Hydrogen production: 5,5 L per minute (50 A)

- Maximal power: 720 W


SSpower's products advantages:

Dimensions and gas production - Relatively small size of our HHO generators means easy installation in all vehicles. Our HHO generators can be installed upside down, which means more flexibility during installation.

 Compared to competitive shops, our HHO generators are in size / gas production ratio by far the best products of this type on the market. Already the our smallest generator, designed up to the maximum engine capacity 1600 cc, has effective electrode area for gas production 1400 cm2, which is nearly twice larger area, than products from competitive for similar engines.

Used materials and production technology - Electrodes in our HHO generators are laser-fired using the most modern and the most accurate technology. They are made of the finest stainless steel (type 316L) and compared to the competition, with thick 1,5 mm are thicker almost by half, together with already mentioned bigger effective electrodes area. This fact is really important to ensure longer products life.

Side walls of our generators are made from one of the highest quality electrical insulating materials FiberGlass G10 with thickness 5 mm. Its electrical resistance and, in particular, chemical resistance (strong acids) and high heat resistance (up to 350 °C) are great base for side wall production.

Gasket rings in our generators are special seals made of EPDM rubber, which has heat resistance from -40 to 200 °C.

All fasteners and especially flow valves used in our generators are exclusively made from stainless steel, which is much better quality grade, that often used cheap and weak plastic quick-release joints. Our quality materials have incomparably longer life cycle, improved functionality and robustness.

Summary of SSpower products's benefits:

- Incomparable and profitable products on the market in ratio: price - quality - power.

- Used high quality materials, which means long product life.

- Running also in extreme conditions without problems, our HHO generator works in hot and also in too low temperatures under freezing point.

- Stable operating temperature of HHO generator without the risk of overheating.


Price: 244 - Euro

All prices are including VAT

Price match: We guarantee, if you find anywhere on the market similar comparable product with lower price, please contact us, we will make suitable price for your satisfaction.


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Poštovné zadarmo nad 100€ - HHO vodíkové generátory

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