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HHO Set Hornet - King 11000
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HHO Set Hornet - King 11000

Price: 389,00 €

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With Set Hornet - King 11000 you can save 35% of fuel with petrol engine and up to 40% with diesel engine with correct installation. The heart is one dry HHO generator Hornet - King 11000, which has guaranteed production 7 liters of gas per minute. Set is designed and suitable for installation in all types of combustion engines with the engine capacity from 6500 up to 10 000 cc.

Set Hornet - King 11000 contains:

- 11 plates HHO generator Hornet-King 11000,

- container for electrolyte - 5L,

- 10 m of PVC hose for connect all HHO system, platic mount tapes, grommet to the intake hose, SK-tapes to tighten hoses,

- complete cables for electric connections, switch with backlight, analog ampermeter with mount accessories, relay switch 50A/24V, case with 50A fuse, ´eyes´ for cable grip, cable stands,

- screws, nuts, pads to mount generator and containers to engine area of car,

- 150g SSpower KOH granules for dilution to electrolyte (approximately for 15 000 Km),

- full manual, about connection and operationalization of whole HHO system.



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