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SSpower KOH granules
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SSpower KOH granules

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SSpower KOH granules is used as electrolyte after dilution with destilled water, so it is necessary catalyst for HHO gas production in generator. Approx. 15 - 20 grams of granules is enough for 1L dilution, which is for distance about 5000 km.

Electrolyt could be in principle any kind of hydroxide, but based on our long-term skills and testing, the most effective is KOH (potassium hydroxide)

For maximum efficiency of our HHO generators, use only dilution made from SSpower KOH granules. It ensures the best performance, lowest resistance, which means minimum warming!
SSpower KOH granules contains 84,5% of potassium hydroxide and next additives for correct work of all HHO generators based on the principle of electrolyze.

We offer different weights:

250g SSpower KOH granules

500g SSpower KOH granules

1000g SSpower KOH granules


Highly alkaline solution! Hazardous Chemicals! Read safety instructions!


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