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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?

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We specialise in the production of hydrogen generators (HHO generators), which significantly reduce engine emissions and fuel consumption of petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles.

We are extremely concerned by the constant deterioration in the environment and pollution in towns and cities, which has long become an accepted feature of our lives. That is the reason why we first started looking into the issue of alternative forms of power, to alleviate a considerable proportion of the pressure on the environment and to a large extent the pressure on your wallet as well.

We produce simple devices which produce hydrogen from water just when the engine is running, with no need to store the hydrogen. This resolves any safe storage issues and ensures that the technology is available for everyone. Using this system, water is broken down into two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.

Our device introduces the oxygen and hydrogen produced directly into the engine intake. This ensures more efficient burning of fossil fuels, helping to drastically reduce emissions and significantly bring down fuel consumption in conventional combustion engines. Combustion of hydrogen even helps to purge the engine of deposits and reduce or completely eliminate dirty fumes and ultimately helps to maintain overall engine condition, improve performance and prolong engine life...

Through converting water into hydrogen and oxygen ( HHO) and combining a mixture of gases with normal fuel, our hydrogen generators   improve the way in which fuel is used in your engine. This improves the fuel economy of your engine by 10 to 30% or even more in some cases.

Our Hornet Series HHO generators can be used in conjunction with any internal combustion or compression ignition engine in any type of vehicle: cars (including diesels), vans and lorries, tractors, boats and stationary engines, e.g. electricity generators and irrigation pumps.


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FREE shipping for orders over 200€ - HHO hydrogene generators

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